Series of standard Festo DNC cylinder

Products introduction :

Aluminum alloy cylinder barrel is one of the main parts of automated cylinders. The material quality we adopt in producing cylinders is 6063-T5 which possesses the merits of good abrasive
resistance and corrosion resistance after surface processing. The cylinders which are specially undergoing internal and external oxidation enjoy better quality and long-term service life. Division of surface processing: non-oxidation treatment, common anodic oxidation and hard anodic oxidation.
The fixed length of cylinder barrels: 2 meters and 2.2 meters, or an alternated length on requirements of the clients.

Principle: The pursuit of the first brand upon independent innovation of science and technology

Spirit: Integrity, Dedication, Striving, Innovation   

Value: first-class products, service and effectiveness.

Technical data of the products:

Material quality of aluminum alloy: :LD31-RCS(6063-T5)

Chemical composition:

Cu:<0.1;  Si:0.2-0.6;  Mg:0.45-0.9;  Fe:<0.35; Mn:<0.1;  Zn:<0.1;  Cr:<0.1;  Ti:<0.1; Al:the rest。

Mechanical property: Strength of extension δb(N/mm2):157;  Yield strength δ0.2(N/mm2):108; Elongation δ(% ):8 ; Rigidity: HV 400

Technical standards for aluminum alloy cylinder barrels under cold-drawing and honing:

Dimensional accuracy of inner diameter:IT9

Circularity tolerance of inner diameter:0.03~0.06mm

Tolerance of straightness accuracy:1~2mm/1m

Surface roughness: Ra≤0.4μm

External surface roughness:Ra≤3.2μm

Tolerance of wall thickness:±0.5%

Series of standard Festo DNC cylinder